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Cost Segregation Studies

Increase Cash and Maximize Tax Deductions

Free Analysis and Proposal (801) 764-9100

Do you own depreciable real estate? If so you need to consider a cost segregation study. Try our benefit calculator to estimate your potential savings.

A cost segregation study can provide you with tremendous tax benefits and substantially increase cash flow. Buildings are typically depreciated over 39 years for federal income tax purposes. Recent IRS guidance and judicial rulings allow certain building components and land improvements to be reclassified from a 39 year recovery period to 5, 7 and 15 year recovery periods. Accelerating the depreciation will allow you to maximize current tax savings and enjoy increased cash flows.

Ruf & Associates in conjunction with Cost Segregation Authority, LLC provides cost segregation services around the country. The IRS requires cost segregation studies to be conducted by those with knowledge of both tax law and construction costing. Our executive team of professionals has more than 75 years of combined tax and construction costing expertise. We utilize IRS approved study methods and costing software to provide the maximum benefit for our clients. Contact us for a free analysis and proposal today (801) 764-9100!

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