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Cost Segregation Studies

Benefits of Cost Segregation

  • Current Tax Savings
      Recent IRS guidance and judicial rulings allow certain building components and land improvements to be reclassified from a 39 year recovery period to 5, 7 and 15 year recovery periods. Accelerating the depreciation will allow you to maximize current tax savings and enjoy increased cash flows.

  • 1031 Exchanges
      Cost Segregation with 1031 Exchanges. Real Estate owners can use cost segregation in conjunction with 1031 exchanges to create additional tax deductions.

  • Increased Cash Flow
      Accelerated deprecation deductions result in increased cash flow.

  • Retroactive amounts can be deducted in the current year
      Amounts previously available for deduction, but not recognized are available for deduction in the current period.

  • Identification of qualified energy credit property
      A cost segregation study can identify property that qualifies for credits which enhance energy efficiency.

  • Estate Planning
      Cost Segregation in Estate Planning. Cost segregation can perform multiple studies (up to three times) on the same property within estate planning. .
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